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* Our Family Of Four * 

     Our story began as a family of four, April 27th, 2019. The following day we decided to change our family legacy. As we began the process of combining our debts, as two became one... my husband, Tex and I, had a reality check of being over $75,000 in debt! Wowzers! That was the moment we knew our financial habits had to change...together. Prior to this moment, I had been applying Dave Ramsey's concepts to my personal finances that I had been taught while attending a Financial Peace University class in 2005. Instead of me trying to teach all I had learned to my husband, we decided to reach out to a class being hosted at a local church and obtain the information together. Unfortunately, after several attempts to sign up for the upcooming class... It became apparant to us both that God had other plans. Not only was I to teach Tex, we were both to teach others as well. So... we  began our journey as newly wedded Financial Peace University Cordinators. 

     Since the start of our journey... we have coordinated  several FPU classes and live stream events through our home church, High Mesa Cowboy Church... allowing us to guide 100 + individuals/families through the process of applying God's financial principles. We have established a ministry with a team of coordinators who share the same vision of helping as many families as possible to change their family legacies. As more knowledge was gained and personal experiences were endured, God began to place on my heart and show me how he had qualified me to become more than just a coordinator. I was to become a "Financial Peace Master Coach!" 

     Tex and I continued working our journey and crushed our debt snowball in Baby Step #2 on Feburary 5th, 2021 by paying off over $20,000.00 in consumer debt! A two year journey we thought we'd never see the end of.  We sold absolutely everything we could part with until our boys, Dakota and Andrew, thought they were next. We took on side jobs as often as we came across them and mastered the concept of wants vs needs by fine tooth combing every cut in our monthly budget we could find. All while living a minimalistic life and cash flowing the build of our small ranch and enjoying our tiny living of 450 square feet. We have led and continue to lead a "weird" lifestyle to others... however... living a "normal" life of being in debt and paying offerings to the great FICO by maintaining a credit score just simply isn't how God asks us to live out the life he has so truly blessed us with. We choose to appy His principles to our life and finances and RUN FROM DEBT! Choosing to live a life of freedom and breaking those chains of being slave to lender. We continue our journey today by woking towards a 3-6 month emergency fund, planning for retirement and both boys college plans and then paying off our land to become 100% DEBT FREE!

     As your financial coach, I'll work with you to understand the basics of personal finance by taking a more personal hands-on approach to develop and maintain healthy financial habits. Meeting you exactly where you are. I'll empower you to reach your financial goals so that you can learn how to handle your finances responsibly. Guiding you to save money, create a budget, pay off debt or just improve your financial literacy in general. I'll teach you the knowledge and skills you need to play the game just like a coach for a sports team. Helping you create healthy habits that improve your performance and encourage you from the sidelines. Your injection of HOPE has arrived! 

Choose to live in FAITH, not fear!       

   Leann Marie Russell       


Book 15 Minute Consultation